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What We Do


Personal Injury

We represent clients who have sustained injuries and are Board Certification in Personal Injury Trial Litigation, something a very small percentage of Texas attorneys have attained. 

Civil Litigation

We represent clients in business, probate, contract, real estate, and various other trial cases, some as the persons suing, plaintiffs, and some as the person being sued, defendant. 

Contract Drafting and Review

Whether it is a commercial lease, real estate deeds, promissory notes, non-compete agreement, sale of goods or real estate, or other agreement which needs to be enforceable we both draft and review contracts for our clients. 

Wills and Related Documents

We draft Wills, Powers of Attorney, Directive to Physicians, Living Wills, Wills with Trusts, and other related documents that give our clients peace of mind that their loved ones will have less burdens when they are most vulnerable. Moreover, we can usually accomplish the drafting of the documents such that our clients need only make a single trip to the office and leave with completed documents.

Mediation and Arbitration

Mediation can be accomplished before filing a lawsuit to avoid litigation or as a pre-requisite to a lawsuit, or during the lawsuit to attempt to resolve it.  In either case, we have represent clients in mediation routinely and have undergone mediation training to better prepare and serve our clients at mediation.  Many contracts contain an arbitration provision requiring the parties to arbitrate their claims rather than resolve them in a traditional lawsuit.  We represent clients in commercial and consumer arbitrations. 


We are proud to assist clients in dealing with the loss of a loved one, admitting wills to probate, having executors of estates appointed and assisting in the orderly, legal transfer of assets. 

Additional Information

In over twenty-five years of practicing law, Andrew W. Seibert has obtained extensive experience, knowledge and expertise in litigation and general legal matters. Often Andrew's clients retain him initially for litigation, and then come to rely on the Seibert Law Firm for their personal and business legal needs such as forming corporations, creating their estate planning documents, and reviewing and drafting contracts.  

You are invited to contact the Seibert Law Firm and determine whether we may assist you, even if it is to refer to you another trusted legal professional.

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